Mohammad Reza Kohandani


If you would like to know more about me, you might want to check "Hephaestus" on Carl Jung's theory of Archetypes.

I am a classic Hephaestus.

My skills


Education Manager

Novin Academy, Iran

Education has been the field of expertise and interest for me for more than a decade now and it has been my single source of income and focus in many different ways which include a lot of other side skills some of which you can see below:

  • English Teacher
  • Digital content producer
  • Website designer
  • University Lecturer
  • Curriculum developer
  • Syllabus designer
  • English Teacher at different language institutes
  • Education Manager at different language institutes
  • IT manager at language institutes and organizations
  • Website designer and online service provider for different institutes
  • EAP and ESP lecturer at university


  • Jun. 2001High School Diploma

    I got my high school diploma in humanities at 17-Shahrivar school.
  • Jun. 2002Pre-University Course

    I finished Pre-University at Khamenei School.
  • Jun. 2007Bachelor of Arts

    I got a Bachelor's degree in English language and literature from the university of Qom.
  • Jun. 2013Master of Arts

    I finished my MA in TEFL at the university of Isfahan.